• CBSE Affiliation Number : 1670021

Principal Message

Kawaljeet Kaur

If there is one thing that can change the world, it is education and schools are the pillars of formal education. Along with providing formal education to your wards, this school aspires more; we believe in experimental learning, where a child learn through experiences and participation , so that the lesson always stay with him/her.

We understood that the school education is to provide every child with a stable academic platform but we aim to go beyond this and consider education holistically. With our teaching process and activities in the rooms and the playfields, we aim to stimulate every child’s faculties and help him/her have a sound mind along with a healthy body.

We also believe that every child is unique. We seek parents support to know more about the child, so that we can work together on the child’s strengths and help him/her in the journey to discover himself/herself.

I also want the children to be passionate about their dreams and we will be the wind beneath their wings as they soar to achieve them. I wish to empower our children with the courage to continue believing in themselves even in the face of adversity.

Lastly and most importantly, our aim is to instill values in our students so that they grow up in the form of good human being and responsible citizens. Together, lets teach them the importance of values and attributes link kindness, honesty, generosity, humility, optimism, tolerance and more such qualities. So that, we create a beautiful world around them.